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In-Depth Articles on Web Site Design, Web Hosting and Internet Marketing Herman Drost

You may use these free articles to help you design, host and market your web site. Please include all links and the resource box of each article.

Web Hosting Articles
  • How to Choose, Register or Transfer a Domain Name
    You need to choose your domain name wisely, if you want to clearly identify and brand your online business for many years to come.

  • How to Choose a Hosting Company
    Ok, you have your web site built and are now confused as to all the choices you have in order to find a home for your site. It is good to make a right choice the first time.

  • How Much Hosting Space Do You Need?
    Many web hosts try to sell you a large amount of web hosting space that then costs you a lot each month. However, you may not need this much space. Have you ever calculated just how much disc space (MB) your web site uses? Do you really need an expensive hosting solution for your web site?

  • How to Reduce Web Hosting Bandwidth Usage
    Using too much bandwidth on your hosting plan will result in paying higher fees. Learn how to cut your bandwidth usage and save money.

  • How to Transfer Your Web Site to Another Host Without Losing It.
    You want to change web hosts because you have found a less expensive solution for your web site. You are not happy with the services your host is providing. Here are the steps you need to take.

  • How to Analyze Your Web Site Traffic
    Web traffic analysis allows you to determine what marketing strategies are successful, then to change them accordingly, to boost your web traffic and sales.

Web Site Design
  • How to Choose a Web Site Designer
    It seems that everyone from the 15-year-old kid to their Grandmother is able to design a web site these days. Creating a web site is not as simple as typing a letter. If you want your site to look professional, it is imperative to find a designer that will be with you from the start to the finish of your web site.

  • How to Build a Web Site That Sells
    Have you ever set off in the car to your destination, without a map, naively believing you will find it? Several frustrating hours later, you are either lost or stressed out. Your wife says, I told you so you should have brought the map! This is the same situation when you create a web site without planning.

  • How to Avoid Sloppy Web Site Copy
    If your web site visitor cant find the information on your web site, within 10 seconds or less, you will lose them.

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